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Snuggled up on the comfy couch, cold one in hand, eyes glued to the TV; ready to watch as 30 000+ cyclists set off on a gruelling 110km ride. It is the Cape Town Cycling Tour and we're ready to enjoy every minute of it.

One can't help wondering what inspires those cyclists to forge ahead, day-by-day, preparing to participate in the biggest timed bicycle race in the world. The preparation starts many months before the actual day of the event by carefully studying the route map, taking in where the all-important watering points will be, the calculation of exactly where you need to be, by when, to hit your target using the split time calculator and then getting fit by practicing daily. Finishing this race clearly does not happen by accident.

To become great at anything starts by making a conscious decision to change. This is not a decision to take lightly as there are severe consequences to you and the people around you and therefore you must know your 'Why'. If your reason for changing is strong enough and you have a burning desire to achieve what you set out to do, most of what should follow could be much easier. It is without doubt, the strength of your desire that will push you to do those things that Average Joe doesn't like doing.

We are said to be creatures of habit. In other words that which we consistently do, becomes us. Therefore, to change the results we have in our lives, we must change our habits. This can only be achieved by repeatedly and consistently doing things in a different manner. It starts by what we think, what we say and ultimately, what we do. Repetition is the key, because within time, our new thoughts will drive out our old 'average' thoughts from our subconscious mind and become automatic. It is just like learning how to ride a bicycle - difficult at first and later all parts of your body coordinates properly, becoming automatic movement.

We can change a habit, whether it is a way of thinking (attitude), or a what we are doing within 30 days. It requires an absolutely disciplined will, conscious repetitive action and faith that it is possible. So, anything you truly desire is within your reach (within only 30 days!). Do you want to get more active, stop smoking, sleep more, save money, drink more water, eat healthy or spend more time with people dear to you?

We all have a choice to make: remain on that couch or embrace our infinite inner human power by creating new healthy habits.

Author: Adrie Barnard

Submitted 21 Feb 19 / Views 443