Buying a home? Who has the last say?

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The Month of May belongs to Mothers everywhere. When it comes to buying a home, research has shown that Moms nearly always have the last say.

When looking for a home, they do research, and lots of it. They scour the internet to research homes and communities, talk to friends, look at photos and read data. They place a high value on home ownership even if they have to make financial sacrifices to get there. So, what are the important considerations for Mom?

Location is vital. Where the house is situated must save Mom time! It must be close to good schools (and if kids can walk home, all the better!), within close proximity to freeways or close to public transportation. To be near to the extended family members for support is important and it often determines the town or suburbs families are buying in. The area must be safe and have all the necessary amenities needed.

Family Considerations. Moms reflect on the needs of all family members. A big back yard for the children to play, a "bonus" room, which can serve as a 'man cave' or home office for Dad (and don't forget the garage size) and that open-plan kitchen for Mom are all considerations. Pets are family members too! Fencing is important.

Functionality. Moms want things to work! The layout of the house, out-buildings and entertainment areas will be carefully considered. The master bedroom must be on the same level and in proximity of secondary bedrooms, especially whilst the children are of young age. Storage space for toys, fitness equipment, garden utensils are key deliberations as well. The surfaces of kitchen counters and flooring must easily be cleaned and maintained.

Security. The safety of her family is number 1 priority for all Moms. She will carefully research the crime levels in the area, confirm that electric fencing and security gates are in working order and checks that the back yard is safe for children and pets.

Entertainment. Being able to invite friends and family over is important for Mom, therefore the outside entertainment area must be functional and welcoming. The children must feel that they can invite friends for a stay-over and have their 'own space'.

Proceed with caution. When looking for a home, Moms are also focused on the financial ramifications of the purchase. It is not only the price bracket, but the on-going affordability that plays a role in proceeding with the purchase. She will carefully consider additional expenses including rates and taxes, home owners insurance and maintenance.

At the end of the day the family home must fit into the lifestyle of the people occupying it and there is no one more equipped to make that final judgement than Mom to ensure that a house becomes a 'home'.

Author: Adrie Barnard

Submitted 27 Apr 19 / Views 518