5 Ways to instantly appeal to Moms when selling your property

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If you have a family home to sell, the odds are that the purchaser of your house will have a family. The decision maker will invariably be the mother. Here's how to make your house more appealing.

1.         First Impressions

Moms want their homes to look and feel 'homely'. It is not always possible to change the curb appeal, but one can improve it by planting colourful flowers in front of the house. Have a flowerpot with an array of inviting, welcoming colours of orange, yellow and a touch of red. Have a bowl of flowers in any of the reception rooms.

2.         Family needs 

Moms want to ensure that every member of the family has their own bit of space in the 'nest'. She will inspect every room in order to ascertain whether or not it will meet the family's needs. Let her take her time and don't rush this process. Point out versatility of certain spaces, and overall comfort.

3.         Convenience

Moms are most concerned with floor plan and design and how these factors will accommodate the family lifestyle. Specific features of importance to women include large cupboards, kitchen design and storage. An open-plan kitchen or one with an eat-in nook is important as well as the proximity from the main bedroom to the kids' bedrooms. Be sure to point out these features.

4.         Light & Bright

Moms want airy and bright homes; it's a sign of happiness! Make sure that carpets are cleaned before putting your house on the market. Put lights on where needed and open the curtains to let the sun in during the day.

5.         Appeal                       

Moms buy with all their sensory senses; have pleasing smells, sounds and tasteful surroundings. You might not have the time or inclination to have freshly baked cookies on hand, but you can spray air freshener, play soothing background music and declutter. It must "feel like home"!

It was found that 70 percent of women made a buying decision on the day.  You will not have a second chance to make a first impression to appeal to Moms!

Author: Adrie Barnard

Submitted 27 Apr 19 / Views 528