Documents required to finalize an Estate

Category Legal

The executor needs the following documents to finalise the administration and reporting of an estate:

Legal documents

  • Original Will, duly signed, dated and witnessed
  • The original Identity Document of the deceased (have several certified copies available)
  • Copy of the Identity Document of the surviving spouse
  • Death Certificate (have several certified copies available)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Antenuptial Contract
  • Divorce Documents
  • Copies of Identity Documents and contact details for all beneficiaries
  • Copies of Birth Certificates for all minors

Financial information

  • Details of any mortgage bonds over the property
  • Lease and/or Hire Purchase Contracts
  • Details of any surety obligations
  • Account and proof of payment of funeral costs
  • Details of employer and copy of last salary slip
  • Bank details of savings/cheque/investment/credit cards accounts and all actual debit/credit cards
  • Details of Pension Fund
  • Details of Medical Aid
  • Income Tax Number and relevant SARS office


  • Title Deed of property/Certificates of Mineral Rights
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Documents and valuation of the motor vehicle/bike/trailer from two dealers
  • Details & inventory of existing businesses/framing enterprises with latest financial statements & VAT No/s
  • Share Certificates
  • Details of life insurance
  • Details of retirement annuities
  • Details of Partnership Agreement and Buy and Sell Agreement

General Information

  • Information and/or documents relating to a predeceased spouse/s
  • If deceased died of unnatural causes - details of accident, relevant Police Station, name of investigating officer, Post-Mortem Report and case number
  • Name, address and telephone number of the deceased's doctor and person who signed the Death Certificate
  • Firearm Licences and valuation of firearm/s from two dealers
  • Details of short-term insurance
  • Details of accountant/auditor and insurance broker
  • Details of all outstanding accounts (debts)
  • TV License
  • Details of Private Post Office Box
  • Telephone Accounts
  • Accounts from Municipality/Eskom/Managing Agent/Homeowners' Association

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