5 Steps to a lucrative career in Real Estate

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Making real estate your career of choice might seem daunting at first. The list of requirements to eventually 'graduate' to the status of 'Professional Practitioner Real Estate' (PPRE) is intimidating, but when taking the process step-by-step, one soon realises the value of complying.

Here's what to do:

1.         Find a reputable real estate agency to work with. Ask: Is it registered with the EAAB? Are there systems and processes in place to access training and marketing material? Will I fit into their way of doing things, their beliefs and operational policies? Do they have a qualified mentor that will coach me?

2.         Once registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, your one-year internship period starts. During this year you must complete the EAAB Logbook & Portfolio. This is essentially evidence that is put together in a structured manner to prove to the EAAB that you have completed specific practical tasks as an Intern Agent and have gained some workplace experience.

3.         During the Internship year you also have to comply with the formal educational requirement of obtaining an academic qualification on a Matric level, called Further Education and Training Certificate NQF 4 Real Estate. Unlike the 'Logbook', this training is done by an accredited Seta Training Provider and a fee is payable to obtain the qualification.

4.         Once certificated, you will have to pass the Professional Designation Examination (PDE). This is a four-hour open-book exam based on the work done and studied during the Internship period. You may now use the designation PPRE and operate without the assistance of your mentor.

5.         On-going compliance is essential. All agents that have acquired PPRE status must register for the next CPD cycle. Continuous Professional Development means that the agent complies with prescribed updates concerning legislation and the real estate profession in general. This is an on-going requirement and runs in 3-year cycles.

Enter the Wonderful World of Real Estate! You will be challenged daily to be the best that you can be.

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Author: Adrie Barnard

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